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The Internet Is


and it’s not as scary as you think.

We have a lot of love, hope, and optimism for the internet. We’re also realists and know it’s a tough place for brands to navigate. We’re working to mend— if not transform—the parts of it we understand best, so that it feels less scary for everyone.

The monsters under the bed are actually just factions

The foundation of our business is built on the discovery of who it is that controls and amplifies narratives across the internet. Turns out, it’s mostly small, hyper-motivated online subcultures that are united by passions, views, and beliefs. We call them factions.

Understanding intent

A common misunderstanding of the internet is that quantitative data (think counting likes and hashtags) shows the full picture. We’ve found that by tracking the factions who are amplifying and distorting messages, we can see a much more complete and useful story. Learn how factions can impact your brand narrative.

Creating authentic change

When brands don’t live in fear of how their messages might be received, they can speak up and be real with people. This fosters a sense of belonging—and leads the way to a more authentic internet. We help brands confidently own their narrative, and understand how factions fit into their strategy.