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Find Influential Communities Online

Yonder finds  the most influential online communities driving conversations that shift markets. Brands get the context they need to  personalize content, tap into new customer segments, and be part of the moments that shape culture in order to drive brand growth.

Detect Emerging Online Narratives

Yonder detects stories emerging online before any other tool in your tech stack. Brands have data to get ahead of narratives that can hurt brand value, the context to know whether (or not) to engage, and the time they need to align teams around a plan that mitigates risk.

Know the

Yonder maps social engagement patterns to discover communities online driving behavior-changing conversations. Brands can segment based on ideology,  not demography, and know their allies from their adversaries online.

Be First To Know

Yonder provides early insight into emerging narratives and events before they go viral. Brands can tap into both fringe and mainstream channels to anticipate crises or to capitalize on opportunities to build brand value.

Know What’s Real

Yonder measures authenticity to determine when content online is spreading organically or if it’s being manipulated. Brands can make better triage decisions and reduce time and money spent chasing narratives online.

Determine Risk vs Opportunity

Yonder delivers a simple snapshot of the risk/opportunity behind every emerging narrative. Brands can know whether there are landmines, or if there are opportunities to participate in conversations that shape culture.


Telco avoids brand damage caused by online harassment.

A leading telco brand was able to dissect the groups behind a narrative in order to back their decision NOT to engage in order to protect its spokesperson and brand reputation.
Fast food restaurant makes $6.4M policy change.

The brand detected a risky narrative heading their way, and had time to align around the decision to approve of a multi-million dollar policy change to avoid reputation damage.
Fashion retailer avoids getting called out in online petitions.

The retailer detected online activism targeting their industry and proactively changed corporate policy to avoid inclusion of the brand in petitions and negative press.


Start to Put Social
Intelligence to Work

View highlights from conversations spreading across social media, including who is influencing them and the risk for brands.
See insights on sustainability narratives to plan for how this highly litigated, scrutinized and vulnerable issue plays out across social media.

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