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Find the Subcultures that Influence Mainstream Opinion of Your Brand

Yonder finds influential users and groups (no matter where they are online) and delivers data brands need to personalize engagement, connect with their most important advocates, and chart a path to virality.

Get Ahead of Viral Conversations That Impact Your Brand Value

Yonder tracks stories emerging online — before they go viral. Brands have time to prepare and the context they need to align teams around a plan that mitigates risk and protects brand value.

Know the

Gain intelligence on the groups driving the online conversations and narratives that matter most to your brand. Understand their shared ideologies and know your fans from your adversaries online.

Be First To Know

Be informed of new narratives and social conversations as they emerge, not when they’ve already entered the mainstream. Tap into both fringe and mainstream channels to detect stories early — and understand the opportunity or risk involved for your brand.

Know What’s Real

Use authenticity intelligence to know whether a narrative is spreading “normally” or if and how it’s being manipulated to shape public perception and consumer behavior.

Get Proactive

Stay a step ahead of conversations that will impact your brand. Get the context you need to engage in social conversations know the influential groups you should build relationships with (or avoid).

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Keep your broader team informed and aligned with insights and reporting delivered straight to your inbox and built to be shared.


Telco avoids brand damage caused by online harassment.

A leading telco brand was able to dissect the groups behind a narrative in order to back their decision NOT to engage in order to protect its spokesperson and brand reputation.
Fast food restaurant makes $6.4M policy change.

The brand detected a risky narrative heading their way, and had time to align around the decision to approve of a multi-million dollar policy change to avoid reputation damage.
Fashion retailer avoids getting called out in online petitions.

The retailer detected online activism targeting their industry and proactively changed corporate policy to avoid inclusion of the brand in petitions and negative press.


Start to Put Social
Intelligence to Work

View highlights from conversations spreading across social media, including who is influencing them and the risk for brands.
See insights on sustainability narratives to plan for how this highly litigated, scrutinized and vulnerable issue plays out across social media.

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