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About Us

We’re Yonder. We give a damn about the internet.

Yonder is an A.I. software company that discovers the hidden groups who control and amplify online narratives, so companies can navigate an unpredictable, ever-evolving internet with confidence. While we can’t fix the whole internet, we can help with this part of it. Our mission is to create a more authentic internet, where everyone can experience a true sense of belonging.

It started with factions

It started with factions

In 2017 we were contracted to help government entities better identify and understand factions—something we’d recently discovered and were researching intensively. We found that we could pinpoint purposefully manipulative factions and intent, including those associated with ISIS & Russia. This was a big deal.

The future is brighter

Today, we’re still obsessed with identifying, understanding, and predicting what factions will do next. We used to think this information was only useful for avoiding or fixing problems, but we’ve begun to see the equal—or greater—potential for positive impact. As we move forward, we’ve committed to doing whatever we can to contribute to a more authentic internet.
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Executive Leadership

  • Jonathon Morgan

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ryan Fox

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Annie Klomhaus

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Chelsea Valentine


  • Gavin Hewitt

    VP, Sales

  • Lisa Roberts

    SVP, Marketing