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Yonder Narrative

Know the internet. Own your brand narrative.

Don't get blindsided by the internet. Detect early signs of coordinated conversations and the online groups responsible for them — before they go viral and impact your brand.

Factions are unseen influences

Factions are unseen influences

We all want to believe that honest brand stories and marketing campaigns will resonate with audiences, but on the internet, that’s not always how it works. The groups that spread misinformation and corporate disinformation are hard to detect, but they play a huge role in shaping opinions about your brand online. We call these influential groups factions.

When factions go dark, you get radicalization. When they’re manipulated, you get disinformation. Whether factions have good or bad intentions, they use the same tactics to hijack the public’s attention and take over high-profile brand narratives.

Faction Tactics:

  • Bots & automation
  • Boycotts
  • Review bombing
  • Meme creation
  • Fake account creation
  • Hashtag hijacking
  • Fake or real employee leaks
  • Doxxing
  • Domain purchasing

Yonder Narrative keeps you a step ahead

Know the impact

See which conversations and topics are taking hold and how they shape the public’s perception of your brand.

Get in front of virality

Get alerted to potentially viral conversations before they happen, and detect early signs of artificial amplification.

Build a plan of action

Stop making decisions on incomplete data. Figure out what’s real, what’s not, and what your team needs to do to stay in front of factions targeting your brand.

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Take data-backed actions

Take data-backed actions

Not all engagement is good for your brand. Yonder Narrative uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help high-profile companies diagnose the origin, trajectory, and potential impact that faction-driven conversations have on your brand. Our product arms brand, communications, and analytics teams with proactive insights to get ahead of viral narratives and protect brand equity.

Predictive insights keep you in control

Tracking and alerts

Tracking and alerts

Track factions and conversations you care about, and get alerted when there’s significant activity about your brand—including shifts in momentum and faction-specific activity.
Narrative authenticity

Narrative authenticity

Discover what’s happening below the surface. Our narrative authenticity tracker helps you determine what’s real and what’s not; so you know if it’s your customers—or trolls—talking about your brand.
Understand who’s shaping your brand image

Understand who’s shaping your brand image

Yonder Narrative analyzes hundreds of millions of conversations and images across the internet—including Twitter, Facebook, reddit, message boards, and the dark web—to see which factions are high-risk or high-value to your brand.
Actionable intelligence

Actionable intelligence

Early insights enable you to be proactive instead of reactive. Narrative dashboard helps you predict virality, identify faction tactics, and get the intelligence you need to guide strategy and executive decisions.

Own your brand narrative

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