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ebook: 5 New Plays to Mitigate Risk when Online Narratives Threaten Your Brand


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Only 40% of people trust the U.S. government, 53% trust the media, and 35% trust social media. Businesses (61%) have become the trusted institution (Edelman, 2021).

Communications teams are stepping up to lead their businesses through the challenges and opportunities that come with this new reality — with no pre-existing playbooks.

But the unpredictability of groups coordinating online, fringe narratives going viral in the mainstream, and misinformation spreading is catching even the best comms teams off guard.

Learn new ways to protect your brand from unpredictability online:

  • Knowing who (and where) your allies & adversaries are.
  • Tracking narratives before they trend and shape opinion.
  • ID/activating fans to build resilience around your brand.

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