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Why Social Media Incidents Come Back to Haunt Your Brand


The work of PR, crisis and communications teams is tireless and not for the faint of heart, especially with the proliferation of misinformation and disinformation that can directly and indirectly impact a brand.

Hyper-connected, aligned and active agenda-driven groups (called “factions”) are consistently developing new tactics for spreading their perspectives and ideologies from fringe and non-mainstreram channels to the mainstream and are often the force behind trends and news headlines.

Not all factions are created equal, nor are the narratives they share. They exhibit differing degrees of influence — the extent to which their narratives are reposted and engaged by members of other factions, or by contrast, simply bounce around inside a “filter bubble” or “echo chamber.” Factions also have vastly different intents, sometimes allied with your brand and brand values, sometimes against you, and then sometimes just trying to use your brand to make their point.