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Finding Authentic Fingerprints in Conversations Online


So far, keywords and volume may have been enough for brands and organizations listening in on conversations online to look for mentions or topics that matter to them. Yonder’s Machine Learning Engineer, Cori Grohman, says keywords and volume are no longer enough.

Conversations that take place within small power groups online (factions) can have real impact on a brand and its consumers. Whenever those conversations exit their echo-chambers and make their way into the mainstream, volume is sort of a given and doesn’t provide context for why a particular narrative has taken hold.

When we analyze conversations online, we look at distribution, who is participating, as well as the nature of the content those groups or individuals are sharing and/or amplifying. Watch below as Grohman explains our approach to findings fingerprints that let us know if conversations online are happening organically or if they are being manipulated.

Conversations about or related to your brand can sideswipe you if you don’t know how to look for signs of coordination. But if you know how to listen — really listen — you find get a get to know who are the groups that care about the same things your brand cares about, so that you can build better and more relevant relationships with them in order to tell stories together.