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The Difference Between “Influencer” and “Influential”


What is a traditional social media influencer? You can picture them, right? Beautiful people in exotic places. Magnetic pop stars. Incredible athletes. The wickedly fashionable. They have an elevated profile, they’re good at internetting, they have a ton of followers. They’re an “influencer.” So of course they’re influential. But are they really?

What if someone had half the followers, or even just a quarter. Does that mean they are one-fourth as influential? They don’t appear to be famous. In fact, they seem pretty normal. What if it turns out they’re actually a much more powerful influencer? 

In order to understand what a true social media influencer is, we first have to understand true influence, and its effect on us. Because there is no influencer without the influenced

INFLUENCE – the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.