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The Next Step in Building a More Authentic Internet


We’re excited to announce that Yonder has been acquired by Primer, a leader in machine learning for mission-critical applications. 

We have been tracking Primer’s state-of-the-art technology and rapid growth for some time, and have been impressed with Sean and the team that he has built as we started to work more closely together over the past year. For us, Primer was a logical and exciting choice for this next chapter. I’m personally looking forward to joining the Primer team as a Senior Director of Product Strategy, and Ryan will also step into a leadership role as a Director of Public Sector. I’m very proud of the team we put together at Yonder, and am excited to report that they will continue their work at Primer as part of the company’s product, engineering, and business development groups.

We started Yonder in 2017 before the world was talking about disinformation, misinformation, or “fake news.” As a small group of researchers, we were obsessed with developing technologies that helped analysts and communicators protect their brands, their reputations, and the broader public discourse from manipulation. We wanted to ensure that social media continued to be a positive force for community building and free expression. More than seven years later, as polarized democracies around the world struggle to find consensus amidst the barrage of misinformation on social media, and brand reputation is constantly undermined by well-organized, agenda-driven groups online, it’s clear to us that this mission is more important than ever. 

I’m immensely proud of the work Yonder has done in support of that mission, providing strategic intelligence about emerging narratives, brand risk, and the factions that shape conversations online. We’ve helped customers across government and the Fortune 1000 make better decisions about how to protect their reputations and values in an increasingly manipulative and adversarial internet. 

Now we’re joining Primer to pursue an even bigger vision. Together, we will have the best set of tools in the world to identify and respond to information operations – an increasingly central part of modern warfare. 

As we’ve gotten to know Primer, we’ve been impressed by their world-class machine intelligence for text-based information, the complementary fit of Yonder to their existing products, and our overlapping customer base. We’re thrilled to be part of helping organizations make the best use of their investment in data. 

Read Primer CEO Sean Gourley’s blog about Yonder + Primer

The Yonder platform will continue as a standalone product called Yonder by Primer, and over the coming months we’ll share more information about how the product will grow through integrations with Primer’s enterprise NLP capabilities.

Our customers can expect the same great insights and services, boosted by Primer’s resources, infrastructure, and employee skills and expertise.

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the customers, employees, investors, and advisors who have been with us on this journey. Through your advice, feedback, and collaboration you’ve helped us grow our company, improve our product, and shape our culture. We’re excited to bring this with us to Primer as we take the next step in our journey. 


For more information about Primer Command and to get a demo or free trial, contact Primer here.

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