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Yonder Launches Incident Management Solution to fill intelligence gaps for brand communication teams


What makes online content go viral? The founders of Yonder had the same question. 

As former advisors to U.S. national security organizations, our founders  pioneered methods of identifying how and why narratives go viral online. What they found is that most narratives often originate in agenda-driven groups called “factions” as coordinated propaganda campaigns, frequently aimed at recruiting for extremist and terrorist groups — and to impact public discourse.

In the past few years, the team has seen similar dynamics play out online against commercial brands and their values, executives, and spokespeople. Factions driven by political agendas, social issues, or foreign influence pull brands into their narratives and use them as platforms to amplify their impact and message. Unfortunately, this leaves brands caught in the crosshairs of these campaigns and finding themselves scrambling to act quickly to do damage control.

Yonder has launched its Incident Management solution to protect brands from agenda-driven groups and the potentially dangerous conversations they start and perpetuate. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Incident Management equips teams with the data needed to predict when a viral incident is coming — and whether and how to act.

Why Are Brands So Vulnerable to Agenda-Driven Groups?

While traditional social analytics tools are helpful, they only help brands understand when a conversation is already trending in mainstream channels. By the time brands see what’s happening in their social analytics dashboard, the frame has been set, the public believes the narrative, and the communications team is forced to react based on gut instinct. Instead of relying on data, companies are left to hypothesize about who is driving the narrative, how it spread, what the group’s motivations are, and what will happen next — and how it’ll impact their brand.