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Crisis Communications Planning with Social Intelligence


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Today, false narratives are spreading online, sowing seeds of doubt in the minds of current and potential customers, stakeholders, and the general public. Brands are on their heels and communications teams are forced to spend time and money to put out fires.

Social intelligence can see when a viral story is just around the corner. This advantage gets your team out of crisis mode and puts you back in control of the brand narrative.

Download the white paper to learn ways to:
  • Eliminate blindspots from your tech stack with solutions that can ID potential crises, monitor adversarial factions, and see what’s going on in fringe networks and dark spaces across the web.
  • Develop an incident management plan, with the right alignment around topics and influential groups online that matter to your brand.
  • Outline potential incident and crisis scenarios with your team, and develop plans for taking action when an online narrative is authentic and likely to hurt your brand.

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