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Narrative Report: COVID-19 Vaccine Narratives & Misinformation

Jan 15, 2021


Download the report here.

Influential groups online have proliferated narratives that portray COVID-19 vaccines as ineffective, dangerous, the product of corruption, or part of a plot to track citizens. Vaccine misinformation represents a major challenge for corporations balancing different strategies to care for their employees, inform their customers, flatten the curve and restore the economy.

Download our report to help your communications, marketing and policy teams prepare for and respond to vaccine narratives, misinformation, and conspiracy theories spreading online.

Download the report to learn:

Top vaccine narratives, misinformation, and conspiracy theories evolving online.Who are the groups spreading vaccine misinformation — and where it’s spreading online.What is the level of authenticity of current vaccine narratives, and how brands can respond (or not).

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