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Parler, 8Kun…What Brands Need to Know about New Fringe Social Platforms


Conspiracy theorists and fringe political groups are flocking to new platforms that offer less (or no) oversight than Twitter and Facebook. One of them — Parler — recently topped app store charts. More of these spaces are popping up online and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

We see that most viral stories that impact a brand’s reputation and/or operations are started by agenda-driven groups on fringe channels. And yet, brand teams don’t have the ability to see what goes on in hard-to-see spaces online.

Register for our webinar to learn more about: 

  • Who is shifting from mainstream platforms to new channels like 8kun, Parler, and others.
  • The kinds of narratives emerging on these platforms.
  • How to determine the extent to which these narratives can be damaging for your brand.
  • Challenges involved in monitoring activity on these platforms.
  • How to get better visibility into fringe and dark spaces online.

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