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Preparing Your Election 2020 Crisis PR Plan


Yonder has been tracking emerging and trending election narratives online to help communications and policy teams know which groups are impacting the issues your brand cares most about.

While it is not possible to know what events that will take place around Election Day, it is possible to know what conversations are emerging, which groups online are driving those narratives, detect where the landmines are for your comms team, and gauge the potential impact on customers, stakeholders, and brand.

Watch the webinar below to heard: 

  • What we learned from 2016, what is different in 2020, and why it matters for brands. 
  • Key questions to ask in order to uncover whether election-related online chatter has the potential to blow up and impact your brand or its operations.
  • How cross-functional brand and comms teams are using social intelligence to prepare and take action.
  • How to understand the groups online (and their agendas) who are driving emerging and top election-related narratives, including QAnon and Antivaxxers.

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