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New AI Platform Launched to Help Brands Meet Threat of Disinformation


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Yonder, a social intelligence provider, and Edelman, the leading global communications firm, announced the release of a joint platform designed to show how disinformation originates online and provide proactive recommendations to help businesses strengthen and protect their brand integrity against this growing threat.

2020 brought the global disinformation crisis to the forefront of the public eye, solidifying disinformation as a threat that is no longer the exclusive provenance of nation-state attackers and activists but increasingly threatens corporate America. Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer reveals an epidemic of disinformation, with more than two out of three executives at large global companies worrying about the weaponization of false information.

“The breakdown of traditional communications infrastructure has repositioned businesses from standalone brands to information regulators,” said Jonathon Morgan, CEO of Yonder. “In this environment, the responsibilities for communications teams are both expanding and increasing in importance. Unfortunately, there are no playbooks for many of the scenarios that these teams are expected to manage, and the tools they are currently using weren’t built with this functionality in mind.”

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