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Tips for Avoiding Online Blowback During the Holidays


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Holiday shopping and vacations are synonymous with this time of year. They’re also major revenue drivers. But with COVID-19, it’s obvious the 2020 holidays will look different.

For example, Airbnb is limiting the number of guests permitted in its rentals this New Year’s Eve. While some customers may support this policy, others won’t. This delicate situation is forcing brands to balance consumer expectations with the pandemic’s health and safety precautions.

So, how can businesses work to navigate the remaining days of this unique holiday season? Consider these tips:

  • Put values to work.
  • Go on offense, not defense.

Historically, consumers have a certain set of expectations they want brands to meet, especially during the holidays. They want to see holiday-themed advertising, for instance. In addition, they expect individualized customer service and support as they shop–and they demand businesses deliver on their brand promises and values.

This year, brands are expected to deliver on those expectations more than ever–or risk being called out. As we close the chapter on a tumultuous year, brands must ensure they’re keeping a pulse on consumer sentiment and continually monitoring what’s being said about them online. The prize for doing so is respect and business from your target audience and a less-difficult holiday season.

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