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Real-World Impact of Online Coordination and Misinformation


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Recent events at the U.S. Capitol have left many asking, “how did we get here?” This is the culmination of years of online radicalization that will take generations to solve.

Tactics and events once driven mostly by foreign actors are becoming domestic norms, affecting everyone from Congress to Coca-Cola.

At Yonder, our expertise is in tracking influential groups online and detecting their spread of narratives and misinformation. We understand how agenda-driven groups operate to create and spread ideas that incite real-world events for both the public sector and leading brands.

Join our webinar to hear experts discuss: 

  • Findings regarding the similarities between ISIS-style social media radicalization and the radicalization of domestic groups.
  • Why actions taken by social media platforms will have a short-term impact on online groups’ ability to organize, and how corporations and the public can prepare for the long haul of online coordination and the spread of misinformation.
  • How brands are responding and ways to empower your communications, marketing, and policy teams who are now making decisions that impact stakeholders and every aspect of the perceived and actual value of your brand.

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