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Faction Tracker: Fast Casual Dining

Why do factions matter to my brand?

Factions are small, hyper-passionate, hyperactive subcultures online, like highly engaged social cliques. Social media platforms rely on highly engaged users to curate the most valuable content and opinions. Therefore factions have a larger impact on what the general public sees online. For brands this means that these groups could be dictating your online conversations without your brand ever knowing it.

What do different factions care about?

Factions are bonded by their commonalities. That commonality can range from a political preference, a stance they take on a social issue, or a shared belief on a niche subject. Click on the buttons below learn more about the factions driving conversation surrounding your industry.

Learn More About the Populist RightLearn More about Qanon Believers

How do I know when a faction is talking about my brand?

Today’s social tools tell you when your brand is trending, but the problem is they don’t tell you who is driving the trends and why they are trending. That’s where faction identification can provide incredibly valuable insights for your team. New Knowledge is helping the world’s largest brands to identify the factions that are driving their conversations and determine the intent and authenticity behind them to prevent brand controversy and inform communications and marketing strategy.

To see exactly who is talking about your brand, request a demo here.

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