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The Next Challenge For Brands: Decoding Online Culture


The pandemic has forced us to go online for everything. From shopping to dating… The next challenge for brands is going to be getting to know who their customers are — not by clicks, or scrolls, or shopping cart behavior, but by their interests, passions, and the shared ideologies and power of their network.

Brands are taking on this challenge with adaptability and authenticity — using new intelligence to understand what consumers care about, who their biggest fans are (or could be), what detractors think about them, and how their brand is perceived by the subcultures that inhabit the internet.

Register here to learn how brands are:

  • Evolving their ability to know their customers — what they need now, what (or who) will shape their future needs. 
  • Tapping into internet subcultures to understand how their brand is perceived, what is expected of them, and what will resonate with consumers (or tick them off).
  • Using cultural intelligence to understand what has already taken hold and what’s emerging within the subcultures that matter to their brand.

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