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Voting Holiday

The conversations that shape this topic are rated as highly authentic with little or no signs of automation and manipulation, and less politicized than other topics. The sentiment that voting days should be made a national holiday is being amplified by tech factions like Apple Enthusiasts and Disability Activists, who are praising Obama's call to make Election Day a federal holiday in order to give equal representations to citizens and to "end partisan gerrymandering and the filibuster if it interferes with Americans' rights." The left-leaning counter-narrative to a voting holiday suggests a law should not be written forcing every employer to give employees a day off with pay, that the solution is to offer the day off without pay. 2nd Amendment Advocates who advocate for a voting holiday maintain that an in-person voting with paper ballots and photo IDs should be required in lieu of mail-in ballots, in order to maintain integrity of the vote.

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