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Preparing Your Communications Team to Take on Today’s Unpredictable Internet

Feb 18, 2021


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Wayfair had to deny conspiracy theories about child trafficking on its site. Peloton’s valuation plunged by $942 million in one day after an ad went viral. GameStop stocks soared 400% when investors coordinated a short squeeze via Reddit.

This unpredictability is becoming the norm for brands today. 

Communications teams are now expected to show up with answers to questions such as: Why is our brand suddenly trending? Why is our spokesperson under fire? Why are we being boycotted? Who’s behind it? How did this happen? Why didn’t we see it coming? What happens next?

Traditional social analytics tools being used by comms teams today were not designed to answer these kinds of questions. 

Join us to learn how modern comms teams are using social intelligence to know what’s coming day-to-day and make strategic decisions that mitigate risk and keep comms in control of the brand’s story.

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