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Protecting Your Brand and Consumers from the Next Wave of Disinformation & Misinformation


Remember when disinformation and misinformation only happened to politicians? Watch our webinar where experts from Walmart, W2O Group, the U.S. Department of State, and Yonder on how brands today can prevent damage to their reputation and protect consumers when false or inaccurate information spreads and takes hold online.

You’ll learn more about how disinformation has come to affect brands in recent years, how factions operate and use social platforms to influence and grow their networks, and things to consider when mis/disinformation spreads and impacts you and your consumers. Below are highlights from the conversation .

What are organizations up against today that they weren’t facing 5, 10 years ago? What has changed in the last few months?

Decades ago, Facebook and Google reached most people online. The mobile phone is the center of the universe for the majority of the world. Attention spans are 1-3 seconds long. There are millions of people on message platforms. We’re not that great at understanding behavioral analytics… We’ve never been more primed to take mis/disinformation and move forward without looking at it more closely, noted Bob Pearson, Senior Advisor at W2O Group and an educator on combating disinformation at the U.S. Department of State.

Moreover, we live in a highly polarized environment, with tempers running very hot and activism on the rise. We’re in a time where if it trends it’s true and authenticity and trust really matters to consumers — and organizations are having to pick sides to establish trust.