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Effects of False Narratives When PR Teams are Unaware or Underprepared

Influential online groups (called factions) have developed tactics for using the press to spread their narratives and agendas. PR teams must have the awareness and ability to identify potentially risky narratives as they emerge. Data-backed intelligence can be used to help journalists and reporters understand the reality of the situation before they publish.

Bad Actors Spread Lies on Niche and Difficult-to-Track Platforms

Most fake news and viral stories that impact a brand’s reputation are started by agenda-driven groups on fringe channels, including 4chan, 8kun, Reddit, Parler, MeWe, and others. Traditional social listening tools do not track and monitor these platforms effectively, making them a critical blindspot for brands.

Factions Use Media as Targets and Amplifiers

Media often monitor these fringe channels as an opportunity to scoop a story and receive tips on emerging narratives. However, sometimes, it may actually be a member of an organized faction planting the tip in an effort to amplify their agendas.

Communicators are Often Caught Off Guard

The most dreaded situation for PR managers and communicators is a journalist asking the brand to comment on a narrative the team has yet to hear about. Without the proper data in hand to invalidate the narrative, communicators are less likely to squelch the story and defend the brand.

Case Study: How AT&T Uses Social Intelligence to Make Informed Decisions
“In The Moment”

AT&T discusses how they are using Yonder’s proactive intelligence to fill gaps in their social data and make better informed decisions that work to keep up with the pace of today’s unpredictable internet.

Crisis Mitigation: Put Out the Spark Before it Becomes a Fire

Yonder’s proactive intelligence and reporting helps communications teams stay in control when managing press engagements and conversations by clearly showing who’s behind a narrative, what their agenda is, and whether or not it’s authentic.

Reduce the Risk of One-Sided Press Coverage Based on Social Chatter
Daily alerts keep your teams in the know around emerging narratives and provide snapshot data on the level of risk associated with each story, allowing teams to properly triage and determine which narratives need to be escalated, monitored, or ignored
Help the Press Get it Right With Complete Information
Having advanced notice and more holistic data on emerging narratives means teams aren’t caught off guard and can be prepared when journalists reach out. While the immediate result may be stopping a story from being published or impacting how a piece is written, the long-term result will be greater accuracy and authenticity in your brand’s image.
Proactively Minimize Damage to the Brand
With Yonder’s insight, many communications teams have been able to avoid negative media coverage related to damaging narratives, and instead, secure coverage that proactively promotes the brand’s authentic values and position.


Start to Put Social
Intelligence to Work

This retailer avoided getting dragged into an online petition targeting the fashion industry.
Wayfair had to deny conspiracy theories about child trafficking on their site.

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