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Why Product & Campaign Launches Fail

When launching a new product or campaign, a lack of research around what motivates (or deters) your audiences can lead to misguided recommendations, wasted time and resources, and ultimate failure.

An Idea Not Backed by Research

Markets are constantly shifting based on consumer values and demands. Executing an idea without a full understanding of what will resonate at that moment in time means betting months of hard work and potentially millions of dollars on a guess. This forces brands to stay on the defensive and wastes time that could have been spent working on other proactive ideas.

A Disconnect Between the Brand and Target Audiences

Without the foresight and context social intelligence offers, brands are likely operating with outdated information and lacking the context needed to connect with its audience and execute a successful launch in today’s market. For example, Kodak was too focused on its current product offerings and failed to acknowledge the growing trend of digital cameras. This ultimately lost the company $10 billion in revenue over 15 years.

Case Study:
Toy Brand Navigates Backlash Surrounding Product Name Change

A toy, board game, and media company recently announced a change to a brand name and logo of one of its most famous children’s toys, sold for nearly 70 years. Before announcing the changes, the brand leveraged social intelligence to understand and predict how factions might react online.

Conduct Product and Campaign Research to Develop an Effective Strategy

Yonder’s social intelligence solution arms brands with the timely, relevant, and thorough insights needed to plan its next launch or campaign with confidence. 

Prepare for Your Upcoming Product or Campaign Launch
Yonder’s social intelligence platform is continually evaluating the trends, conversations, and concerns emerging from a brand’s target audiences – and potential adversaries. Armed with this insight, brands can more confidently plan for an upcoming launch, announcement, or campaign and strategize around any potential issues.
Brainstorm and Support Your Launch With Social Intelligence
The insight Yonder provides into current discussions and emerging conversations can make the ideation phase and brainstorming much more productive for a brand. With this intelligence, a brand can tailor its message and strategy to align with its audience’s current mindset, ensuring a stronger reception and mitigating potential pushback.
Stay On Top of Narratives With Post-Launch Monitoring
With proactive social intelligence, strategic teams can pick up on any emerging stories related to the launch and can analyze live topics and discussions among audiences and adversaries. This informs any communications or changes that need to be made to address any pushback or confusion and allow for the absolute best reception.


Start to Put Social
Intelligence to Work

This retailer avoided getting dragged into an online petition targeting the fashion industry.
Wayfair had to deny conspiracy theories about child trafficking on their site.

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