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Fake News Incites Real-World Events and Consequences

The internet and social web have made it possible for agenda-driven groups to create and spread ideas that incite real-world events for both the public sector and leading brands — from insurrections at the U.S. Capitol led by QAnon believers, to the burning down of 5G towers by anti-vax factions that believed 5G networks caused COVID-19, to major brand boycotts around social & environmental issues.

False Narratives Spread Fast in Today’s Online Environment

Research has shown that false narratives are 70% more likely to be re-shared than true stories. Agenda-driven factions are becoming experts at quickly introducing dangerous ideas that often affect major brands and industries.

Organized Online Attacks Can Quickly Incite Offline Action

Damaging narratives and fake news stories are often created and incubated in fringe areas of the internet before they make their way into the mainstream and eventually result in real-world incidents or serious security crises.

Fake News Stories Present Serious Threats to Businesses

Most fake news on the internet is used to procure clicks and ad-revenue, but news can also be fabricated to cause reputation damage and incite passionate groups to take physical action.

Case Study: Managing Offline Impact of Fake Online Coupon Campaigns

A major food & beverage brand was unprepared for multiple crises that were the result of groups on fringe social media networks coordinating campaigns targeting the brand. These included fake coupons and organized calls for protests and vandalism. See how strategic teams found insights and took action to prepare employees across 33,000+ locations.

Surface Online Narratives Before They Become Real Threats

Yonder’s Social Intelligence solution provides predictive insights that empower communications teams to lead their organization in the event of online narratives turning into offline threats.

Prevent Offline Crises with Predictive Insights
Without advanced AI and ML tools, there are too many fringe areas of the internet and social media for a brand to effectively monitor. But, with Yonder’s AI powered intelligence, brand teams will have the time, context, and insights they need to monitor and plan around risky narratives BEFORE they hit critical mass and cause damage.
Detect Dangerous Online Narratives
It’s only a matter of time before coordinated groups come after your brand. Yonder provides early insights into narratives and coordinated attempts to attack brands online, providing everything your team needs to strategize and plan a course of action.
Stay Ahead With Ongoing Insights and Tailored Alerts
Viral stories and online attacks are blindsiding brands and forcing them to stay in reactive mode to protect their integrity. Yonder constantly uncovers groups behind narratives and provides ongoing social intelligence that allows teams to make proactive decisions.


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This retailer avoided getting dragged into an online petition targeting the fashion industry.
Wayfair had to deny conspiracy theories about child trafficking on their site.

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