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How Disinformation
Can Impact Your Brand

Today more than ever, consumers put their faith in brands to stand for something. But, with this faith comes higher expectations. Disinformation poses one of the largest potential inhibitors of trust, and therefore can damage a businesses bottom line.

Loss of control in your brand image and story

On Twitter alone, false viral stories are 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than true stories. And, we know those stories travel 10x faster in times of crisis. This means consumer trust can be lost that has taken potentially years to build.

Damage to customer trust and loyalty

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Revenue loss

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Case Study: Disinformation
Campaign Against Wayfair

On July 9, 2020 a post on Reddit fueled a false narrative about online furniture store, Wayfair, trafficking children through listings of pillows and cabinets that were selling for thousands of dollars on the site.

Detect Disinformation Agents & Their Motives Early

Yonder’s social intelligence solution helps you see potentially damaging narratives early and gives your team the info they need to make tough decisions on whether and how to act.

Detect agenda-driven groups and tactics
Use Yonder’s Daily Brief as your regular touchpoint on narratives that are emerging and know who’s behind them, whether they are authentic (or not!), how they are trending, their projected brand risk and more easily determine whether to ignore, monitor or escalate to your broader team.
Identify narrative and authenticity
Know whether a narrative is being spread authentically or if it’s being manipulated via recently created accounts, automated accounts, astroturfing, brigading and/or many other tactics factions use to co-opt your brand and amplify their point-of-view.
Understand the narrative intent and trajectory
Have a projected view of where a narrative is likely to spread next based on the factions involved, tactics they tend to use and pathways that similar narratives typically take…key insights to knowing overall risk and supporting scenario planning.


Start to Put Social
Intelligence to Work

This retailer avoided getting dragged into an online petition targeting the fashion industry.
Wayfair had to deny conspiracy theories about child trafficking on their site.

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